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$WAY A= <Row> ; E= <Row> ; M= <Row> ; R= <Row> ; T= <Row> ; L= <Row> ;

In the Timetable file one can specify the type of roadbed which is used for the vehicles.  This command allows the assignment of each type of roadbed to the specific right of way code.  The defaults are:

A     Street a
E     Electric locomotives and EMUs 3E
M     Third Rail 3M
R     Normal Rail 3
T     Streetcar and electric bus ae
L           Lower Catenary 3L

This command changes the defaults for the depiction of the roadbed.  One can explicitly specify the roadbed in each Movement command or for multiple lines in $SECTION, $GROUP, $SCENE, $PATH or $LINE parameters by use of the W= command - in the latter case the settings made by the $WAY command are ignored.

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