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[L: <Tag> ]

<Tag> == <Name>


Labels are useful to call actions such as the start of animation sequences, or to call a limited number of individual actions in a specific order.  This means that not all animations are triggered by the same name, but rather only one or a few can be called.  For example, by labeling the wagons, it is possible to call just one door on a single wagon of a train, rather than all of the doors on all of the wagons.

You can individually start the animations by giving the number of the wagon in the train - labeling the wagons simplifies only the access. If you have random parts in your train definition, then the sequence number of a wagon can vary depending on the number of the other wagons to the left, generated by random expressions (selections of repetitions) - in that case labeling is only way you can access the desired wagon individually for starting animations.

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