JTraffic Screensaver

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Other Shortcut Keys:

For individual files in the Stock List:

%DEL% Removes the picture from the Stock List (without asking for verification!).  If the picture is from a TVL library, it is still resident in the TVL file, but does not appear in the Stock List.

%D% Changes the direction in which the vehicles appear to be facing in the Stock List.
%SHFT%%A% Sets the author of all selected pictures to the default author for all added pictures.
%U% Toggles the 'Used' setting for the selected picture.
%SHFT%%U% Sets the 'Used' setting for the selected picture.
%CTRL%%U% Sets the 'Unused' setting for the selected picture.
%F9% Erases the empty parts of the top of a picture file that is resident in a TVL file (crop from above).

%CTRL%%S% or

%CTRL%%INS% Copies the first selected picture to the clipboard as well as the name of all selected files as a comma-delimited file (CSV list).
%SHFT%%INS% Replaces the selected picture with the content from the clipboard.  Only one picture can be replaced in a TVL file at a time.  (There are other, more efficient methods for adding multiple pictures).

%F12% Opens the Compare Window.  If two pictures are selected, the first will appear in the upper window, the second in the lower.

For the entire file:

%CTRL%%W% Opens another Stock List window
%CTRL%%S% Saves the Stock List file (as .stk or .stb file).
%ALT%%F4% Closes the Stock List window

For further assistance:

%CTRL%%G% Opens the Graphic Testpad.  The name of the first selected picture appears in the command line and its picture appears in the view window(s).
%CTRL%%D% Opens the Description Editor. All selected pictures are added in a group, which possess identical technical characteristics.  If some of the selected pictures already have descriptions and others do not, the pictures without are assigned to the same group as the pictures that do.  If pictures are selected which have differing Description information, an error message is generated.

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