JTraffic Screensaver

List functions

The list functions can be invoked from a submenu in the File menu of the Stock List window. They create a text list of all of the following information:

The most list functions list a property of the selected pictures. If no pictures are selected, this commands list all the pictures contained in the stock list. In the example below the only item displayed is the width.

The list window has a context menu - you can save the contents, sort it alphabetically, of search for a string in it.

The following listings are independent of the selected pictures:

  • Names matching pattern - select the pictures to list itself by pattern matching. It opens a small dialog box asking you to type the pattern.
  • Cache Content - lists the pictures found in the cache file. If the pictures are stored in a few TVL files, the usage of the cache is no more needed. If the usage of the cache is set to No (in the configuration window), you won't get any list here.
  • Descriptions - all the picture with some technical data will be listed
  • Labels - the label tree will be listed, together with the pictures in the leaves of the label tree. This list is mostly superfluous, as the Tree View window delivers all the information available here. There are two reasons, why this list is remained in the program: this list can be saved as a text file or copied through the clipboard, and in case of a huge stock list file it is shown faster as the Tree View window.

The Authors list is a special kind of list - showing all the author's data independently of the selected pictures. This list is described in the Author's Database chapter.

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