JTraffic Screensaver


$STOCK <Filename>

Defines the file containing the list of vehicles.

This command supersedes the value specified in the Configuration window field "Stock List Definition File Name."  Different Stock List files can be used with different Timetables and this command allows the corresponding Stock List to be called from the Timetable itself without requiring a change in the Configuration window each time.  The value in the Configuration window does, however, determine which Stock List is referenced by the "Stock List," "Description Editor" and "Graphic Testpad" buttons and is also the default when the Timetable file does not have any explicit $STOCK command specified.

You cannot use pictures from different stock lists in a single timetable file. If you use more than one $STOCK command, the last invoked one will be valid - that stock list will be used in the whole timetable file.

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