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The Pictures menu item provides functions for working with the properties of pictures.

Graphic Testpad - opens the Graphic Testpad with the currently selected picture.

Edit Macro - opens the Graphic Testpad as Macro Editor.  The selected picture is opened in the utility with its name and any associated macros displayed in the command line.

Add to Macro - the picture is added to a macro:

Description - opens a dialogue box to input technical data in the vehicle's Description Editor. For more information see the help menu chapter on the Description file.

Copy - copies the selected picture to the clipboard.

Save as GIF - saves the selected picture as a GIF file.  The file name and applicable path are entered in the following dialogue:

Add to Library - adds the selected picture to the *.TVL library file. Only one picture at a time can be added to the library file.

Compare Pictures - opens a utility to allow two pictures to be compared to one another.  If two pictures are selected at the time this utility is invoked the second picture appears in the lower window.  This utility can be used to determine differences between pictures.

Change Transparency - chances the transparency of the selected picture(s) in the *.TVL file. Customarily the transparency is set by colour of the upper leftmost pixel of the picture. In the standard mode it may not be apparent that the background has been made transparent, due to the fact that the default background colour of the Stock List is black.  However, the background of the Stock List can be altered to check picture transparency. For further information see,  Keyboard Shortcuts.

Rename - renames the Stock List entry based on the following criteria:

details about the various renaming functions are found under the Keyboard Shortcuts  section.

Change Picture File to Match Stock List - renames the source file to the name of the Stock List Entry.

Remove Picture - removed the picture from the Stock List.  If the file is in a *.TVL library the picture file itself is not deleted, only its entry does not appear in the Stock List anymore.

Remove Stock List Entry and Source - removes the selected picture from the Stock List and deletes the source picture from the *TVL Library or source directory.

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