JTraffic Screensaver


$LANG K= <Language>; <Language>=<Text> ; TR =<Text>

K Default language code for the Stock List file.
<Language> The language code - a $LANG line defines a new language.  The language code cannot be K, L, N, S or U.(as this keywords are used for other parameters in such places, where also textes are used in different languages). With this the setup program establishes all of the parameters to use the language throughout the program.  The current version of Traffic supports up to ten simultaneous languages. The allocated language codes at the moment:
E - English
F - French
G - German
H - Hungarian
NL - Dutch
P - Polish
TR The person, who translated the texts to this language. This names are listed in the About dialog box.

In this way the text file containing the Descriptions part, the labels and texts for the program menus and dialog elements the program are given multi-lingual capabilities.  The depiction can also be die set by the author as binary source files can also contain language resources.

N defines the language interpretation.  Additional language code(s) reference it.  Expressions that are dependent can be used in all text areas and can also replace each other based on language selected (between an { and } and an { or } criteria). In text files the { and } character is not a required criterion, they are optional in text files or the Description section of the Stock List file.

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