JTraffic Screensaver

What is New in the Current Version?

The current version of the Traffic screensaver is Version 4.14, which contains some additional features, as well as corrects some errors found in the last version. The following functionality has been added or expanded:

Version 4.14:

  • Scenes can have animations on their foreground, background and middle layer pictures.

  • The background picture can be wider, as the screen, and Traffic can move the background/foreground picture, as the train moves.

  • Such wide backgrounds can have multiple layers, which will be moved with different speeds - giving the illusion of far and near backgrounds.

  • Some smaller extensions let one better organize larger timetables, mentained by different persons:

  • $POOL definitions can be placed inside Sections or Groups. They can be reached from the whole timetable.

  • $ADDPOOL command - Pools can be extended later, in different included timetable files.

  • $FLG( ) conditional statement - diferent timetable lines in the same pool can control the background/forground definitions of the invoking place through the pool flags.

  • Timetable cache: the preprocessed timetable files will be saved in the tmp directory, and used by subsequent program starts - in the case that the user has not cahnged any option values.

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