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The timetable header

The following commands must only appear in the timetable header. That means, no other lines, except comment lines, should be placed before or between them, in order for them to function correctly. The reason for this is that these commands apply to the Configuration window or the About window. The value(s) specified by these commands is needed even if the Timetable file is not running. Traffic reads the header of the current Timetable file when it displays the configuration window.  It proceeds to read the remainder of the Timetable file when it begins to generate trains, as reading the whole timetable file would be time consuming and dangerous (possible errors in the timetable file could disturb the functions).











The following commands often appear towards the top of the Timetable file, or even in the header itself.  However, they do not belong to the group of commands which are required to be in the header. They are not needed in the header, but they do not terminate the header.




The following commands does not belong to the header, but they are dealing with the conditional evaluation mostly controlled by the $OPTION command.


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The timetable header
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