JTraffic Screensaver

Drag & Drop Fields

In the upper right bar of the Timetable Editor the user will notice several yellow boxes.  These are Drag & Drop fields to ease in the creation of movement commands.  One can easily drag picture files to the appropriate square and the corresponding code string will be added at the cursor position.

The Drag & Drop fields will always create the default actions assigned to them.  They are not reprogrammable.


A locomotive is dragged from the Stock List to the leftmost Drag & Drop field and released. At the area in the Editor Field (consequently the Timetable File) where the cursor is, the code " D=L; C=xxxx;"is created. " xxx" in this case is the name of the locomotive dropped.  At the end of the action the cursor is placed directly before the ";" character, so that more vehicles can be added to the movement line. This can be done by typing the names of the files in manually, or by dragging the pictures of the coaches/wagons from the Stock List to the Drag & Drop field with the comma in it.  In this way it is possible to create movements without typing any code by hand.

The meanings of the individual symbols in the fields can be referenced under their definitions in the section "Syntax Elements."

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