JTraffic Screensaver


$HLPWEB URL=< String >; <Language>=<Text>; ...

Menu entry that will be shown in the Help menu of the configuration window, below the standard entries. This menu entry is a link to a website - you should specify the URL of the website in the URL= ; parameter. The menu text depends on the actual language the user selects, so you should specify the menu text in all languages the Stock List file defines - or set the N= ; parameter which is the text for the default language in order to display all selected languages a menu text.

As a special case, the command


(no URL, the menu text is a single minus sign) creates a delimiter line in the Help menu.

The command is intended for use in the timetable files for special versions of Traffic - you can include links to your own website, or to the railway company's website the special version is created for.

This command should only be used in the header part of the timetable file.

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