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The Stock List

Along with the Configuration Window, the Stock List File is the second central element to the Traffic program. The Stock List file itself usually ends with the file extensions *.stk or *.stb. Both file types are essentially identical to the program.   The only difference between them is that the *.stk file is a flat text file and can be edited with common text editing program, whereas the *.stb file is the binary version of the same file and cannot be edited with text editors. Both file types can contain identical contents; they are simply different ways of saving the same thing.   However, when two files contain the exact same data, the binary type will always be smaller in size.

The contents, syntax and semantics of the Stock List file as well as instructions on manually editing the file itself are found in the section entitled "Stock List File" in this help document.

The most important visual depiction of the parts of the Stock List file is the Stock List Window.   This provides not only a way to view the relevant data about the pictures, but also serves as an instrument to edit the picture file and the properties of the pictures themselves.

Detailed information about the individual functions is available in the chapter entitled Stock List File. Alternately, clicking on the section of interest will open the help file directly.

The Stock List can be opened from the Configuration Window via the menu bar commands Functions | Open Stock List or by clicking on the button labelled Stock List in the Configuration Window itself.

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