JTraffic Screensaver

[AO: ]

[AO: <AnimationRules> , <#><PictureName>,<TargetX>, <TargetY> ]

Animation Overlay

Simple (two state) animation definition.

The animation is composed only of two states - the first is the original state of the base picture, the second is the result overlaying the base picture by <PictureName> at the position <TargetX>, <TargetY>. If  the <PictureName> is preceded by a # character, the <PictureName> overlay picture will be mirrored.

The overlay picture, if stored in a TVL picture library, can be a difference mode picture (having different "transparent" and "no change" pixels).

As the whole animation consists of only the two end states, the possibilities of the <AnimationRules> parameter are limited. You can use it to name the two end states with individual action names, or - for example - you can define an animation name for cyclically changing the two states - as in a blinking light.

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