JTraffic Screensaver

DX = ; WIDTH = ;

WIDTH = <Integer> ;\
DX = ;

The width of the screen area of a $SECTION, $GROUP or $SCENE.  The WIDTH = parameter generates a border around the screen, which is not exceeded by trains or foreground or background elements.

The width is also limited by the parent Sections.  If the sum of the LEFT = and WIDTH = parameter is larger than the width setting of the parent Section, the width of the child Section will be truncated.

If the WIDTH = ; parameter is specified, but the LEFT = ; parameter is missing, the Segment will be centred inside the parent section's area.

The primary reason behind the WIDTH = parameter is for using large-format background pictures, such as landscape pictures, on wide screen monitors.  The Section width can therefore be limited to the size of the background picture so that the trains do not appear outside of the dimensions of the picture.

This type is a <DimensionParameters> that is applicable to Sections, Groups, Scenes and Paths (track inside  a Scene).

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