JTraffic Screensaver

[WB: ]

[WO: <Name>,<PictureName>,<NumberOfFrames>,<FrameWidth>,<FrameHeight>,<SourceX>,<SourceY> , <StepX>,<StepY> ]\
[WO: <Name>,<PictureName> ]\
[WB: <Name>,<PictureName>,<NumberOfFrames>,<FrameWidth>,<FrameHeight>,<SourceX>,<SourceY> , <StepX>,<StepY> ]\
[WB: <Name>,<PictureName> ]\
[WT: <Name>,<PictureName>,<NumberOfFrames>,<FrameWidth>,<FrameHeight>,<SourceX>,<SourceY> , <StepX>,<StepY> ]\
[WT: <Name>,<PictureName> ]\
[WIN: <NumberOfFrames>,<FrameWidth>,<FrameHeight>,<SourceX>,<SourceY> , <StepX>,<StepY> ]\

Window Overlay before

Window overlay Behind

Window overlay Transparent

This modifiers act on the window areas defined by the [WD: ] modifier. The <Name> parameter selects, which window type - which window definition creatted by a [WD: ] modifier - is mentioned. To all the window areas in that definition will be copied a

The Configuration Window
Program Window
Stock List
Description Editor
Graphic Testpad
Timetable Editor
Timetable Syntax and Semanics
The timetable header
Sections, Groups, Lines, Scenes
Stock List File