JTraffic Screensaver

LEFT = ; X = ; X0 = ;

LEFT = <Integer> ;\
X = ;\
X0 = ;

The left position of the screen area of a $SECTION, $GROUP, $SCENE or $PATH command.  The Movements assigned to this command do not use all of the pixel on the left of the screen.  The train appears in the middle of the screen and roadbed, catenary and other foreground and background pictures are also limited.  In essence, it appears as if a rectangle of the background colour of the number of pixels input were laid across the left side of the screen.

If no LEFT parameter is specified, Sections, Groups and Lines inherit this value from their parent Section.  If a number is input, the space on the screen is contracted to the left by that many pixels.  This occurs relative to any parent Sections.  That is to say, if a parent Section has a value for the LEFT parameter, and the child Section does as well, the LEFT parameter of the child section will be that of the parent plus the child.

This type is a <DimensionParameters> that is applicable to Sections, Groups, Scenes and Paths (tracks inside Scenes).

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