JTraffic Screensaver


$ABOVE <Simple>\
ABOVE = <Simple> ;\
AB = ;

Maximum height of the foreground and background pictures above the vehicle(s).

The value input here determines in part the amount of space reserved on the screen for the movement on the screen.  If one or more foreground or background pictures are used which are higher in pixels than the amount specified by this parameter, the top of the picture is truncated to fit.  The same thing happens when the "container" of a command (the physical screen, the test window or the height parameter of a parent $SECTION) is smaller than the value input.  The $ABOVE parameter should therefore be in harmony with the container size for best results.  The corresponding opposite command is $BELOW.

The default of the command is one pixel for the catenary.  The default for the parameter when used with <DimensionParameters> is the default of the parent command.

For a $SECTION command this parameter specifies the size for the lines/sections contained inside the $SECTION, for a $GROUP command the own size. The $LINE command does not have such a parameter, as all the lines on the screen or inside a Section have identical sizes, and the $SCENE, $PATH commands do not have this parameter either, because in a scene the tracks do not have individual background parts above/below the track: the background area is common for all the tracks ( $PATHs ) inside the $SCENE.

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