JTraffic Screensaver

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[MSK: <PictureName>,<Color> ,<X>,<Y>]\

Mask picure

This modifier is intended to use for background-foreground pictures. A multi-layer construct can be given by two pictures: a base picture having all the pixels, which can be seen, and a mask picture: it selects, to which layes the inidividual pixels belong. As one needs to distinguish between the different layers only along the train track (the only reason to distinguish between foreground and background is to determine, which pixels will be covered by a passing train, and which pixels remain visible and hide the train), the mask picture is usually smaller, it covers only the tracks the trains are running.

The <PictureName> picture contains a mask for the base picture. On that positions, where pixels of the mask picture has the color < Color>, the base picture remains unchanged, all other pixels of the base picture will be changed to transparent.

The coordinates <X> and <Y> place the mask picture onto the base picture. All the pixels not covered by the mask pictire remain unchanged.

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