JTraffic Screensaver


$INFO <String>\

Text that will be shown in the "About" window. This command was introduced for the dedicated versions of Traffic: they have an all-in-one install set: program, stock list containing picture libraries, and timetable file(s). As these dedicated versions were (and will be) produced for special purposes, and the vehicle drawings and/or the timetable file are usually created by other people, it is useful if these versions can display customized text in the "About" window.

You can include many $INFO commands in a timetable file - the texts will be appended after each other.

If the first character of the first $INFO text is a plus sign ( + ) , then the default About-box text will be shown and the $INFO contents will be appended. If the plus sign is missing, the default about text will be replaced.

If the text begins with the "less than" ( < ) sign the text will be left justified. If it begins with "greater than" ( > ), it will be right justified. If it begins with an asterisk ( * ), it will be centred. The default is left justified. If you also want to use the plus sign to preserve the original about text, then the alignment character should remain after the plus sign.

This command should be used in the header part of the timetable file.

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