JTraffic Screensaver

Program Overview

The German Help file of the Traffic screensaver is based on the writing of the programmer Zoltán Szabó and has been created by Detlev Vogel.

Despite its enormous capabilities, Traffic by Zoltán Szabó is available as freeware.  The program can be downloaded from the author's home page: http://traffic.ini.hu

Detlev Vogel's vehicles, used in most of the examples in this document, are based on the Swiss narrow gauge railways and are included in the NEK from Nikolaus Mohr.

An overview of the basic elements of the Traffic screensaver can be found in the following chapters:

to configure the program and test one's own vehicles and timetables;

in which the program runs either in a window, or in a full screen;

to collect, organize, and edit the picture files;

to create and test macros and animations;

to edit commands and functions that determine how the trains run on the screen; and

to input technical data about vehicles from the Stock List.

In the overview a short introduction is given to the functions and contents of each window.

All contents have their own help file and are (hopefully) explained thoroughly.

A collection of tips and tricks appears in a different document - the "Cookbook." In this text one can findthe introduction to creating own Timetable..

The Configuration Window
Program Window
Stock List
Description Editor
Graphic Testpad
Timetable Editor
Timetable Syntax and Semanics
The timetable header
Sections, Groups, Lines, Scenes
Stock List File