JTraffic Screensaver

[FL: ]

[FL: <X>,<Y>,<W>,<H>, < NewColor >, <AnimationRules> ]\


An animation of a blinking light will be defined. The animation consists of a rectangle, having two different colours. The light is supposed to have in 180º the one colour (lighting), in the other 180º the other colour (the light is covered). As the light turns, you will see a rectangle with both colours, the border line is sweeping through the area.

The <X>,<Y>,<W>,<H> parameters define the rectangular area. The default values for the width and height parameters are 2 - a small, 2 x 2 pixel sized area.

The <NewColor> parameter defines the two colours the flashlight has. If both colours are given, the animation will be filled out with these colours, the first colour is the inactive colour, the second colour is the active colour. If only one colour is given, the colour of the lower left corner in the original picture will be used as the other, inactive colour, and the given colour is the active colour. If the parameter is missing, the inactive colour is the colour of the lower left corner and the active colour is the lower right corner's colour of the original picture.

The <AnimationRules> parameter defines the names of the actions you can invoke for this animation. The default value for this parameter is   ON=C;*OFF=E , which means, that you can start the flashlight by the ON action verb (then the animation runs cyclically), you can stop it by the OFF action verb, in that case the cycle runs until it's end position (the flashlight stops switched off). The default state of the animation is switched off - if you do not specify the ON action in the TB= ; parameter of the movements, then the vehicles will enter the screen with their flashlights off.

The advantage of the flashlights against animating them as the steam engines by phase pictures, that the flashing is not coupled to the moving state and speed of the vehicle: the light can flash during the vehicle stays, you can switch the light on and off in it's staying position or during the run.

Of course, you can define a flashing light as a normal animation by the [A: ] modifier, drawing all the phases individually. In that case you can draw nice effects too. This modifier gives you a simple and quick way to let the flashing light function.

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