JTraffic Screensaver


$SPLASH C= <PictureName> ; FULLSCREEN; TIME= <Real> ;\

C= <PictureName>;




T= <Real> ;


Shows a picture on the screen when Traffic starts in full-screen mode. The picture is shown as early as possible: if <PictureName> is a filename, it will be shown when this command is read in the timetable file.  If <PictureName> is a name of a drawing in the Stock List, it will be shown after the whole Stock List file is already loaded into memory. Because of the (sometimes disturbingly) long time at start-up while the computer reads the Stock List file into memory (unless the user is using a very small Stock List file), using a picture from the stock list as a splash picture does not make much sense. By the time this picture can be shown, the program could already be running.  In contrary, using an independent picture file as a splash screen will place this picture on the screen instead of the standard "Loading Stock List" message from Traffic.

If the FULLSCREEN (in shorter form F or FULL) parameter is given, the screen will be cleared and the given picture is placed into the middle of the black screen. If this parameter is missing the picture will be shown in the middle of the screen, but the other screen content remains unchanged.

The TIME=; parameter defines a minimum time period (in seconds) that the splash window is shown. If the stock list file loads very quickly or is "pre-loaded" (for example, if you start the full screen test from the configuration window and you have already used a stock list window before quitting Traffic), this time value will keep the splash graphic on the screen long enough to be viewed. The default value is 5 seconds. If you specify 0 for the Time=; parameter, there will be no extra waiting time: as soon as the stock list file is loaded, Traffic removes the splash window and starts moving the vehicles.

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