JTraffic Screensaver

The Configuration Window

The Configuration Window icon is usually installed into a Windows Start Menu item called Traffic by the installation program.

This program is used to control all basic functions of the program.   It is the main Control Panel for the ambitious user, who wishes to add his/her own vehicles, test them and write his/her own Timetable File. It serves as the access point to all of the windows necessary for operating the program.

Detailed information about the individual functions is described in the chapter entitled Configuration Window. Alternately, clicking on the section of interest will open the help file directly.

If for some reason the entry Traffic Screensaver | Configuration is missing from the Windows Start Menu, then the Configuration Window can be accessed manually by using the /t switch, like so:

Click on Start | Run and enter " C:\Program Files\Traffic\Traffic.exe /t". Naturally the path " C:\Program Files\Traffic" is relevant only if you have installed Traffic into that directory.  If you have installed the program elsewhere, then please enter the correct path to reach the Traffic.exe file.

The Configuration Window
Program Window
Stock List
Description Editor
Graphic Testpad
Timetable Editor
Timetable Syntax and Semanics
The timetable header
Sections, Groups, Lines, Scenes
Stock List File