JTraffic Screensaver

The Timetable File

The Timetable File contains the strings of code that determine how the vehicles appear on the screen. In their simplest form these are the commands that control the movements of the vehicles on the screen. The default file extension for the Timetable File is *.ttt, for example, test.ttt.\
There is a special editor program for working with the Timetable File built into Traffic that, in addition to functioning as a normal Windows text editor, also contains special functions specifically geared towards editing Traffic Timetable commands.\

The individual properties and menus of the Timetable Editor as well as the syntax and semantics of all of the commands and functions that determine how the Timetable File is executed are found in the section entitled Timetable File in this help document.

The Timetable File Editor can be opened from the Configuration Window via the menu bar commands Functions | Edit Current Timetable or by clicking on the button labelled Timetable File in the Configuration Window itself. .

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