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The Author's Database is a par of the Stock List file.  The information about an author of a picture is central to the Picture Display in the Stock List.\
The following types of data about the authors can be contained in the Author List:\
  • The Author Code, a unique identifier of the author,
  • A nickname for the author, which can be used in the Picture Display view,
  • The full name of the author,
  • The author's e-mail address,
  • The author's Internet home page,
  • Additional comments or text data for the author.

The description of the syntax of this area of the Stock List file can be found under the following key words:



The entry and editing of the author data should be done through the menu in the Stock List in the special window for this purpose:

Using this window should be self-explanatory based on the above introduction.

The Key should be uniq in a stock list file - this will be checked by Traffic. If you use several stock list files, it is a good practice to have overall uniq author codes.

The author's list can be shown in a list window - this is invoked by the menu entry File -> List -> Authors.

Clicking on the headings of the columns the list will be sorted by that column.

The Authors list window has a context menu:

which allows the easy editing or usage of the author's data.

Don't forget: the most of the pictures in the stock list Traffic is delivered with are not fully free, the authors hold the copyright of their works. They only give for everybody the right to use this pictures in screensavers. If you want to use them for some other purpose - place them on a homepage, change, recolor or otherwise reuse them, please contact the author of the pictures! An if you create your own collections - extract a smaller set from the collection delivered with traffic, or from scratch, even in other scale, don't forget to track the author's data - you find the functions in Traffic needed for this. As long as the collection is only for your personal use, it is not so important, but is you publish it, the author's data should be included.

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