JTraffic Screensaver

[NT: ]

[NT: <Type> ]\
[NTL: <Type> ]\
[NTR: <Type> ]\
[TT: <Type> ]

Neighbor Type

Adds the type <Type>  to the vehicle's type list for use by the   [N: ], [NL : ],   [NR : ], [T: ], [TL: ], [TR: ], [NC: ], [NCL: ], [NCR: ], [NM: ] modifiers.

The modifier [NTL: ] adds the type only to the left side neighbour type list, [NTR: ] only to the right side list, [NT: ] and [TT: ] to both lists.

Usually there is no need to use this modifier, as all the neighbour animation modifiers listed above set the same type for that side of the vehicle, on which side they act - assuming, that the neighbour vehicle needs this setting in order to change it's look accordingly.

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