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The Label menu item provides functions for working with the organizational tree components of the Stock List.

Labels can be set in a hierarchical fashion to order the Stock List file and to navigate this structure quickly.  In the example below, Detlev Vogel has used various labels to organize his Stock List of Swiss narrow gauge trains. His menu has several levels; in the illustration one can see four levels expanded.  Up to six levels of organization are possible: a top level (here: the various railway companies) and levels 1 to 5 (here: 1=Passenger Coaches, 2=Type EW II, 3=AB mixed class coaches).   This is only one example of how one person has organized his pictures. The label structure is completely flexible.  You can add your own labels to the default structure that comes with the program, modify it to suit, or create your own.


The settings are made through the submenu 'Manage Labels' or through a context menu that can be called up by right clicking on with the mouse on the labels in the Stock List.  More on this can be found in the help item Labels):

Selecting from the Stock List Menu Item entitled Label will take one to the first vehicle classified under this label.

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