JTraffic Screensaver

DY = ; HEIGHT = ;

HEIGHT = <BlockHeight>;\
DY = ;\

<BlockHeight> == <Integer> || <Integer> % || FULL

The height of the Section on the screen is determined by either the parameter HEIGHT= or the N= parameter.  If the HEIGHT= parameter is not specified, the Section inherits the same value of the next highest Section in pixels or percent.  The top level Section is the entire screen.

If the % sign appears after the value, the height is determined relative to the containing Section.  You can randomly generate values for this parameter, but you cannot mix both pixel and percentage values in the same parameter: 72|200-400 is a valid expression as all values are in pixels.  Likewise, 30-45% is also a valid expression, meaning a value between 30% and 45%.  However, 55%|320 (55 percent or 320 pixel) is invalid.

The maximum height of a Section is limited by the height of its container Section and its minimum height is limited to the height of the vehicle plus two pixels.  This allows the screensaver to draw a one pixel high line each for the roadbed and catenary.

If the HEIGHT= parameter is not specified, the N= parameter is read.  It defines the number of the tracks in the Section which are each calculated as the sum of the ABOVE + VEHICLE_HEIGHT + BELOW.  Naturally, here the maximum height is also limited to the size of the parent Section.

If neither the HEIGHT= nor the N= parameter are specified, the Section will use the entire height of the parent Section.

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