JTraffic Screensaver

Status Bar

At the bottom of the Stock List there is a Status Bar built into the lower frame of the window. This Status Bar displays what properties a picture has, or which will be assigned when it is added to the Stock List.  It can be turned off or the content can be selected in the View -> Status Bar menu.\

If the "Added Picture Properties" status bar is shown:

a right click in one of the Status Bar fields brings up a selection dialogue box and a new default can be selected.  When the mouse is hovered over one of the fields the default value will appear after a second or two in a call out menu.

A left click in one of the Status Bar fields changes the value of the field to the next in the sequence and thereby changes the default.

The fields from left to right are:

  • Picture type for added BMP files; here: conditional - transparent, if the upper left corner is not black.
  • Colour Code for added pictures; here: cyan
  • Way code for added pictures; here: rail.
  • Set 'used' attribute for added pictures; here empty so pictures added are set to 'unused'
  • Author of the added pictures; here Zoltán Iván.
  • The version part of the picture name in case the included picture has a name already in the stock list.

The parameters here correspond to those set by the Stock List's Attributes menu items.

If the properties of the pictures are shown:

the status bar shows the properties of the picture under the mouse cursor, or which was last time under the mouse cursor, when the mouse is not above any pictures.

The fields from left to right are:

  • Transparency; here: Transparent
  • Colour Code for the pictures; here: green
  • Way code for the pictures; here: rail.
  • Used attribute for the pictures; here empty - unused
  • Size  - horizontal * vertical - in pixels
  • Number of different colors in the picture
  • Size of the picture in the file or in the library
  • In case of a movement animation the number of the phase pictures (4 is typical for the MM&MM compatible drawings)
  • Existence of technical data; here: no technical data exists (a D letter stays in the boxm if technical data belongs to the drawing)
  • The vehicle is direction dependent (usually the whole picture is mirrored, but in some cases only a part is mirrored - tram rod pantographs)
  • The vehicle has conditional modifiers with the L condition (the left side of the vehicle can be shown)
  • The vehicle has conditional modifiers with the E or C condition ("empty" or "cold")
  • The vehicle has animated pantographs
  • The vehicle has animated doors
  • The vehicle has neighbour variations (brake pipes, cables, coupling installations etc., which have different shape, when the neighbour vehicle has the same type - the things are connected to each other).
  • The vehicle has other animations

You do not need to remember the meaning of all the fields - stopping the mouse cursor above the fields Traffic diplays the property in a longer form in a tool tip window.

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