JTraffic Screensaver


The Timetable file contains the definitions of the trains that run on the screen. These settings are determined by the commands and parameters in the Timetable File. While the program runs the lines in the Timetable File are loaded into the memory of the program and processed.  The values of the lines are then rendered on the screen.

There is an editor program embedded into the Traffic program for editing the Timetable file.  It has the functions of a normal text editor, but also has additional functionality designed to streamline the composition of Timetable File code.

The program window is divided into the following areas, each of which is described in detail in subsequent chapters:

The current cursor position is displayed directly beneath the menu bar.

The Configuration Window
Program Window
Stock List
Description Editor
Graphic Testpad
Timetable Editor
Timetable Syntax and Semanics
The timetable header
Sections, Groups, Lines, Scenes
Stock List File