JTraffic Screensaver

[TL: ]

[TL: <#><Type>,<#><PictureName>, <Y> ]\
[TN: <#><Type>,<#><PictureName>, <Y> ]\
[TR: <#><Type>,<#><PictureName>, <Y> ]\

Transparent Neighbors, Transparent neighbor Left,

Transparent neighbor Right, Transparent neighbor Type

The [TN : ], [TL: ], [TR: ] commands are similar to the [N: ] , [NL: ], [NR: ] commands. The only difference is that the [Tx: ] commands use transparent copies.

The transparent portions of the picture <PictureName> are not copied.  The pixels of the base picture are visible in these areas.  This is an additive process: one cannot "remove" an existing connection, rather only add new connections. Since many vehicles may have similar connection parts but different body colours you can use this to place the same connection picture onto multiple vehicles regardless of their differences in body colour.

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