JTraffic Screensaver

[ANIM: ]

[ANIM:<AnimationRules>, <FrameWidth>, <FrameHeight>,<SourceX>, <SourceY>,<%Time%>, <NumberOfFrames>,<StepX>, <StepY> ]

Defines an animation

This macro resides in the Stock List as the entry that contains the phase pictures that make up the animation.  The parameters can also be specified by the [A: ] or [AT: ] commands, however, when the same animations are used repeatedly, such as pantographs, doors and the like, it is easier to define these constants once and group them with the phase pictures. The meaning of these parameters is explained in the description of the [A: ] command.

If one wishes to define the motion of a door, one should use the animation name DOOR, as the action verbs OPEN and CLOSE act on the animations named DOOR. Similarly, when it concerns a pantograph one should use the animation name PAN.  

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