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[NM:<#> <Type>,<W>,<H>,<Y> ]

Neighbor connection Mirror

Modification of the end of a vehicle based on its neighboring vehicles.

The original picture of the vehicle contains on it's two different sides the two different state the vehicle can have depending on the neighbour vehicle. Of course, the content of the rectangular area should be mirrored to become the picture for the other side.

If the neighbour has the type <Type> the rectangle of the width <W>, height <H> and base height   <Y> (always at the end of the vehicle – ergo no X coordinate) of the right side will be used. If the neighbour does not have <Type>, to content of the left side rectangle will be used. One can place the # sign before the type, in that case the meaning of the two sides is changed, <Type> will be added to the neighbor type of the vehicle on the both sides.

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