JTraffic Screensaver

The Command Line

The Command Line allows one to apply all types of modifications to the vehicle picture or elements thereof.  It behaves as a typical Windows edit line with the normal copy, paste, highlight and other features.

When the Macro Editor is invoked, the Command Line displays the macro(s) that are saved to the vehicle at hand in its Stock List entry. This allows one to test the existing macro, edit it, change it and save the changes:

In the above Command Line illustration, the macro definitions appear next to the name of the base vehicle.  Immediately following the vehicle name are two macros to control the pantographs ( [E: ]) followed by macros defining the vehicle's maximum speed, rate of acceleration and rate of deceleration ( [#V:5][#A:0.1][#B:0.1]). Next, one can see a macro which defines a change in the appearance of the left side of the vehicle when coupled to neighbours of a certain type ( [NL:#P,BP_L,0]) as well as the definition of what designation the neighbouring vehicle must carry to initiate the macro ( [NT:P]).

If the Graphic Testpad is started, the only entry in the Command Line that appears is the vehicle name.  Any macro that may be attached to the vehicle is not available from this program and therefore cannot be edited.  All modification commands that are added to the vehicle in the Graphic Testpad mode affect the vehicle and even the (invisible) macro definitions that are associated with it in the Stock List.   However, any changes, which are made in this program, are lost as soon as the program is closed.   If one opens the same vehicle in the Graphic Testpad that was opened in the earlier example, one sees only the vehicle's name:

Descriptions, syntax and usage of all of the available modification commands can be found under 'Modifications'.

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