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The tab for the Associated Files is only for those, who intensively modify the stock list - add and rename pictures.\


Default Library File is the name of the TVL file, which is used automatically by the "Add to library file and Use" command in the stock list window, and several other commands converting the actual picture(s) in a manner which is available only in the TVL format. If the field is empty, Traffic asks the user for selecting a TVL file each time it wants to include a picture into a TVL file.

Write Rename Log in text format: is the name of a text file Traffic will extend by a line each time an existing picture is renamed.

Write Rename Log as $DEF-s: is similar - Traffic writes macro definition lines for each renamed pictures into this file. If one include this file in his timetable file ( by the $INCLUDE command ) the $DEF commands in this file assure, that the existing timetable files will run without modifications.

Associated Timetable Files: is not a single file, but a list of files. If a picture is renamed in the Stock List, Traffic searchse that name in all the files listed here, and renames all occurences too. The Combo box conaints all the files - you can view them by opening the combo box's dropdown list. The Remove button deletes the selected file from the set, with the Add button you can add new files to the existing list.

All the files above are belonging to the stock list file actually selected - the file names, lists are stored belonging to the stock list file's name. If you open a new stock list file, this lists will be empty. Even if you rename an existing stock list file, this lists won't be transferred to the new filename - if you want to use this associations, you need to recreate the,

Compression level: determines the compression for the TVL and STB file formats selectively. One needs to decrease this level only in case of a slow machine - on a slow computer a high compression level can slow down the writing of these files.

Save stock list in V3 format: both the TVL, STB and STK files will be saved in the format the previous versions of Traffic - version 3 - will be able to read. Don't forget, the stock list files are fully rewritten each time - checking this checkbox, and saving the stock list file converts it to the older format. The TVL picture library are only extended with new pictures. Checking this checking won't convert the existing files to the V3 format. You need to recreate the TVL picture libraries by the menu commands in the Stock List window ( File -> Optimize - > Recreate This Library or File -> Optimize -> Recreate Libraries.

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