JTraffic Screensaver


VEHICLE_HEIGHT = <Simple> ;\
VH = ;\
IMGY = ;

The maximum height of a vehicle is specified in the Stock List file.  It is the height that the majority of vehicles do not come close to, namely the height of the catenary.  Traffic reserves a certain amount of vertical space for the movement of a vehicle on the screen and a corresponding amount in the Stock List entry.  If your Stock List contains some of the few vehicles with a higher than normal vehicle height (some electric locomotives with higher pantographs, some large airplanes, ships, etc.) it is not necessary to change the overall height of every vehicle entry in the Stock List as the Stock List entry window will automatically reduce the view size of the entry to fit.  This does not change the actual size of the vehicle, only its view in the Stock List.  

However, all lines on the screen are set as high as the general parameter unless otherwise specified.

Because of this one can explicitly state the vehicle height value of a $SECTION or a $GROUP either for one line or for a specific number of lines when you are using vehicles which exceed the standard height setting of 58 pixels.

You do not need to specify the vehicle height if it is less then the default value. If the catenary is lower than the customary height, the stock list entry of the vehicle should contain the correct way setting, defining how many pixels lower the catenary should be drawn. You need to specify the vehicle height only for vehicles higher then the overall setting (in the MM&MM-compatible picture collection 58 pixels).

If this parameter is not specified in the Timetable file, the value specified in the stock list is used.

This parameter belongs to the <DimensionParameters> group.  If the parameter is not specified in a sub-Section, the value of the parent Section applies.

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