JTraffic Screensaver


The Help menu item presents help texts, information and Internet links for the user's assistance.

The first group calls different points of the help file:

  • The first page of the help file,
  • The help file index,
  • The help file sections which are associated with the active topic or program element,
  • The help page which contains the keyboard shortcuts,
  • Context sensitive help, and  
  • A description of the syntax related to the window - the timetable file syntax in the timetable editor, the modifiers in the graphic testpad, the stock list file in the stock list window..

In the second group of menu elements one finds:

  • The About page with information about the program and its author & contributors,
  • A hotlink to the Traffic website, if one has an available Internet connection.

The timetable file can extend this menu by the $HLPWEB command - the author of the timetable file can insert items leading to it's own homepage, or to other web places.

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