JTraffic Screensaver

Keyboard Shortcuts

While the program is running, the following shortcut keys are usable:

Invoke context menu
Open Speed and Limitation dialogue box

Pause program - or continue program if it is currently paused.
Show currently active lines.
Change to single start mode.
Change to single start mode for the M=FOLLOW movement too.
In single start mode, let one train run.

In single start mode start as many trains, as the number on the key
End single start mode, let all trains run automatically
Write current program status to the error file. This should be used when the program errors are detected in order to report bugs to the author.

While Paused (Commands W and/or Space)

move the train by as many steps as the number on the key

In Window Mode:

Edit the timetable line, which has generating the movement under the mouse
Edit the main timetable file

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