JTraffic Screensaver


$SKIPERR <Boolean>\

If any errors occur in lines of the Timetable file, they will be skipped over and will continue with the next line as determined by the $RANDOM command.  Without this command, a light grey rectangle will appear on the screen in place of the vehicle that generated the error.

Some simple syntax errors in the Timetable file, such as improper use of parentheses, are not influenced by this parameter.  In these cases, a pop up window warns the user.

If this parameter is not specified in the Timetable file, the settings from the Configuration window are used.

The only reason for this setting is to skip over lines referencing pictures that are missing from the current Stock List.  The screensaver can use pictures from various sources and some of these sources are not free, for example, pictures from the MM&MM screensavers v. 2 & v.3, or pictures from BahnLand or the NiMo Extension Kit.  If the Timetable file contains references to pictures from such sources and is run on a computer that is missing these pictures, you can use this command to avoid seeing many distracting error messages.

The command is not intended as a way to correct or combat syntax errors in the Timetable file.  However, if you are trying to debug a Timetable file, or if you create a new one, it is helpful to shut off the $SKIPERR setting in the Timetable file and the corresponding setting in the Configuration window while you work.

Traffic writes a message into the error log file, even if he skips the error in the timetable file.

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