JTraffic Screensaver

The Graphic Testpad

The Graphic Testpad is a utility to allow one to experiment with macros or individual modification commands directly in the Traffic program. In it one can input macros for picture resources, test them and edit them.  Each individual modification can be tested individually, but also one can use it to test the interaction between multiple modifications and/or macros. In the Macro Editor one has the identical functions with the only difference being that the Macro Editor can be used to save the results to the Stock List file.\
When the Graphic Testpad is opened only the picture name appears in the command line, devoid of any of the macros that may already be associated with this vehicle in the Stock List.  When the same vehicle is opened in the Macro Editor, all of its associated macros are displayed in the command line.\
Detailed information about the individual functions is available in the chapter entitled Graphic Testpad. Alternately, clicking on the section of interest will open the help file directly.

The Graphic Testpad can be opened from the Configuration Window via the menu bar commands   Functions | Graphic Testpad or by clicking on the button labelled Graphic Testpad in the Configuration Window itself.  Alternately it can be called by right clicking in the Stock List and selecting it from the context menu, by double clicking on a vehicle picture in the Stock List or from corresponding menus when a macro is selected.

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