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The Cache menu item allows one to administer all features of the cache file.

Using a cache file can increase the speed of the program's operation when run as a screensaver. When using the cache, Traffic loads the requested picture into the cache file and then each subsequent time the picture is requested, Traffic calls it from the cache file rather than extracting it from the source library.

However, using a cache can become annoying when one is making many edits to graphics and testing them.  It is advisable therefore not to use the cache option when one is testing the same vehicle and making changes in between each run.  Because of the nature of the cache, the changes will not be shown until the program is closed and restarted or one clicks on the "clear cache" button.


The default in the cache menu or in the Cache section of the Configuration Window only appears when the selected Timetable File has the command $USECACHE  in its header.

The individual settings have the following meanings:

No does not use a cache.  The pictures are loaded each time directly from the hard disk.
Use The pictures are loaded into memory and remain there until the program is closed.
Load Similar to "Use" but the pictures are loaded into an associated *.tca cache file.
Load and Save Similar to  "Load," however new pictures used are added to the cache file.

The point of the feature is to offer multiple ways of handling the picture collection, adding and editing pictures and using the program as a screensaver.

The following group deals directly with the cache file *.tca:

List Cache Contents The contents of the current cache file are displayed in a window.
Clear Cache File Clears the cache file; this can be useful when one is testing a new Timetable File. Pressing the similarly named button in the Configuration Window has the same effect.
Create Cache File Creates a cache file *.tca from the current Stock List.

Since the most of the pictures are stored in the proprietary .TVL picture library format, using the cache brings no advantage - accessing a picture in a .TVL file has the same speed, as accesing the cache. You should use the cache only if your picture collection contains many individual graphic files.

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