JTraffic Screensaver



<OptCmdLst> == <OptCmd> || <OptCmdLst> , <OptCmd>

<OptCmd> == <Name><OptCmdChr>

<OptCmdChr> == + || 1 || - || 0 || * || !

Option command list - manipulating the option menu items. They may stay in the $OPT and $OPTCMD commands. They change the value of other options. The option names are followed by a single character determining the action. If there are more options one want to manipulate, the option names should be delimited by comma. As the option values are simple boolean values (the menu item is checked or not), the actions are:

+  1 Sets the option
-   0 Clears the options
*   ! Inverts the option

The commands are usufull to check or uncheck groups of option menu items - for example, setting all eras. Using the actions in the $OPT command one can implement options similar to the radio-buttons: setting an option clears the others belonging to the same group.

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