JTraffic Screensaver



<PictureName> == <Name> || <Name> ~ <Name> || <Filename>

One can use pictures from the Stock List as well as pictures no contained in the Stock List.

An individual picture must be specified with its complete path.  A <PictureName> is a path when it contains at least one front slash, backslash or period. ( /
.).   If no file type is specified in the path the program assumes that the file is a .GIF. A .BMP or .DIB file is treated as opaque.  

A picture from the Stock List is simply listed with its name without a file extension.

The tilde ( ~ ) denotes the version part of the picture name. If you use a picture with it's full name, including the version part, then Traffic looks for exactly the same name in the Stock List. If you use a name without a version ( without the tilde and the <Name> behind it ), Traffic will find the first matching picture, which have the same base part in it's name.

The version part is intended to denote vehicle pictures of the same vehicle, same livery, but from different authors.

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