JTraffic Screensaver


$DESCKEY K =<Name>; <Language>=<Text>; ... <Language>=<Text> S =<wahr/falsch> L =<wahr/falsch>; U =<Text>

K          Identifier for the Description input.

N         Default name of the entry, which determines menu items in the program as well as the explanatory texts.  The texts displayed will correspond to the currently active language code if there is a language code available.  If not, the value of N is displayed.

<Language> Text in the localized language version.

S         Short "standard" expression.

L         Long "expanded" expression.

U          Unit. The parameter value for text that appears in the menu after an input string.  This is used to assign a unit or quantity value to vehicle data (e.g. the horsepower of a drive motor).

The $DESCKEY parameters contain codes in multiple languages assigning data to a Description.  It is possible to add both "standard" and "expanded" expressions.  They serve as an organizational structure to the Description components.

The $DESCVALUE parameters follow immediately after the $DESCKEY parameter and contain the actual content data of the Description file.  They reference the $BASED strings to incorporate data which applies to multiple versions of the same vehicle.  Multiple standard input items (drop down menu selections) are prefaced with the % symbol and are referenced with the parameter $DESC.

The program displays this in different ways depending on the following files:

$AUTCHNICK Nickname of the picture author.

$AUTHFULL  Full name of the picture author.

$NAME      Picture name that identifies the picture to the Stock List.

$FNAME     File Name - Name of the source file, name of the source binary resource or resource code number.

$MACRO     The drawing's macro (if present).

$LENGTH    Picture length in pixels.

$BASED     Based on, establishes relationship with a "parent" picture.

When one clicks with the right mouse button on the screen during the program run, a context menu is activated.  The context menu gives one the ability to select what aspects of the Description file appear in a text window when called from another item in the context menu.

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