JTraffic Screensaver

Download Traffic

The actual version of Traffic is 4.26 . There are a few new possibilities in the last version, but it was mainly an internal release on the way to the browser-based WTraffic.

There are 2 different install programs for Traffic:

  • The internet-based install: traffic_dnld.exe. It is a relative small (510 kB) install program. It will download the selected components of Traffic during the installation.
  • The full installation package: traffic_full.exe. It contains all components of Traffic, so you will have to download more, than 700 MB (about the size of a traditionally compressed 1 1/2 hour movie). It is recommended to use the full installation package only, if you want to install Traffic on several computers, or you will transfer it to a computer without internet access.

The full installation package is able to access the internet too, and download updates and extensions - the newest program version, new or extended picture libraries and the newest timetable files (scene definitions).

Read more about the installation program: Installing Traffic.

The preferred method of updating an existing installation of Traffic is to download and start once more the internet-based install program, traffic_dnld.exe. Nevertheless, choosing the hard way you can reach also the individual components, download the ZIP files, and replace the files yourself. Please be aware: a new timetable file set usually uses new vehicle and/or background pictures too, perhaps needs new program functions, an updated vehicle picture set can use extended or newly implemented modifiers in the program, so always update your program version, and for a newer timetable set also update your picture sets too.

Program binaries (traffic.scr, trafscrb.dll) traffic_prgonly.zip
Stock list * (setup.stb): stock.zip
Timetable files: ttt.zip
Some of the latest new picture libraries:
Vehicle pictures: new1910.zip
Background elements used by multiple scales: 19bgcom.zip
Background elements: new2002b.zip
TrainGif and other small scale vehicles: x1_1910.zip
Double size and NSME drawings: x2_1910.zip
Large scale vehcile drawings: z1910.zip
Ships, aeroplanes, spaceships: v1910.zip

*: If you download the file setup.stb, you will need the create the traffic.stb stock list file by starting the menu command Reinstall Stock List in the configuration window