JTraffic Screensaver

JTraffic Demo

Applet - 'Multiple Document Interface'

All existing functions in a single applet. The only limitation: you cannot have private vehicles and trains, as the applet cannot store data on the client machine.

The demo page with the applet

Java Web Start - Unsigned

An unsigned Jnlp program has almost as restrictive security checks, as an applet. The program is allowed to access a small portion of the hard disk.

Java Web Start - Signed

A signed Jnlp program becomes all the possibilities a "local" program cn have, if the user confirms that. Please note: the program is signed with a self-created certificate - you will get a warning, not proposing to run the application. If you have trusted to install a program from me - the "old" Traffic, for example, or ZugBilder, then you have no reason not to trust to start this demo too.

Java application as a single .jar file

The application in a single archive - can be used similiarly to the ".com", ".exe" files, if the proper assication is set. Store the Jar file somewhere, and start it - by double clicking, or by invoking it in the command line.


Install program for Windows

Easy-to-use windows application with an installer. You can install and run it as usual, as the "normal", native windows programs.

Please note: applets and Java Web Start (Jnlp) applications automatically run the latest versions of JTraffic Demo. If you install the program on your computer, you should check regularily and download yourself the updates.