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Traffic is at first a screensaver, showing small drawings - mostly trains, trams, busses, lorries, aeroplanes, ships - moving on the screen. Either as a historic screensaver (really "saving" the lifetime of the CRT monitors), showing the vehicles on a black background, only with simple rail and catenary; or in drawn scenes, or in full-screen photographic environements. Traffic has a huge picture set (almost 200000 small drawings in different scales), so you can watch the scenes several days yet seeing new trains, new scenes.

Beside the screensaving, so it's full screen mode (when you do not use your computer) Traffic can show it's scenes, it's moving vehicles in stripe mode: in a low, full width window docked on the top or on the bottom of the screen. In stripe mode usually fits only a single line, a single train one time in this stripe, but you can let it run during you are working on your computer. The mini mode is for the same reason: the scenes run in a small, always-on-the-top window leaving almost the whole screen for other things. And in the window mode the scenes are running in a "normal" window - this mode is mostly for creating and testing new scenes.

Yes, Traffic is more, than simly a player for the scenes: it is also a toolset to collect and organize the picture set, to create new scenes, to conveniently edit the vehicle properties and the scene definition files.

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The Traffic homepage is now moving from it's original place:


As far as this new homepage is not finished, you can check the old one for some information not available here yet.

JTraffic is at the moment a project, not a product. If you are looking for a ready-to-use railway screensaver, Traffic - described above - is your choice.

JTraffic's goal is to be compatible with Traffic's vehicles = picture format, macros -, with the most of the timetable commands, but to have a simpler user interface for the beginners to build trains, to select trains and scenes.

JTraffic will be portable, because it is written in Java. For the special systemdependent functionality, which is needed for a screensaver JTraffic will use the SaverBeans package.

You can find some demos about the project in progress on the Download page. You can browse the picture collection ( transferred from the Traffic Screensaver's picture collection ) with the existing functions, browse the train collection growing from day to day, to import train from Traffic timetable files at the moment.

If you want to see moving trains, and use JTraffic yourself, come back in summer. If you want to watch the progress, say us your opinion, help testing and ask features, you should check the site in each 1-2 month.

An own forum is planned, but it's priority is low. Until then there is a Traffic thread on Bahnschranke . Bahnschranke is mainly german speaking, but you are welcome to write in english too - you will get answers in english.

Some collections, losely bound to Traffic or JTraffic are also here.